What thing do You most enjoy looking at?
My reflection in the mirror.

If You HAD to change careers,  what would You choose?
Screenwriter, comedy writer, comedian, writer for advertisement.. something of that nature.
Do You have a favorite food?
I love food! Creamy pastas, seafood, Cajun, big juicy steaks and really spicy stuff. The list goes on and on.

Do You have a favorite song?   
I am not sure what My favorite song is but I have strange tastes in music.  Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Aerosmith, Queen, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Blondie are My favorite artists.

To where would You most like to travel? 
Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Do You offer couples training?

I will see two slaves at the same time and make them a happy little couple. As far as men and women together--no.

Do You have a pet?
As far as animals go--I don't like 'em.  Sometimes kittens and puppies are cute, but they grow up and get annoying, ugly and smelly--kinda like men.  I have several slaves that serve Me in My personal life--I think of them as My loyal mutts. Fetch My slippers, growl at strangers, sniff My socks, and beg for boners.  Now I wouldn't exactly win Miss Pet-Owner of the year and on some occasion I have even been accused of cruelty to animals!  Sometimes, I forget to feed them, leave them locked in the cage all day, kick them when they pester ME and feed them the cheapest brands of pet-chow.  There are a few pets I have that I am considering getting neutered.

Does money buy happiness for You, Princess Sierra?
Money buys ease and comfort.  Stress causes crow-feet and worry lines.  More money, mean less stress.  I love having the luxuries of life without working for them.  Look at Me, don't I deserve all of life's luxuries?  I am materialistic and financially demanding with men.  There are many other aspects of happiness in the world--love friendship, experiences that make us happy.  But there is a place and time for everything.  I'm not seeking friendship and love and warm fuzzy feelings from men. I want to control them, humiliate them, utilize them as work-horses and financial slaves--use them for MY benefit.  I'll save MY higher human emotions, personal growth and sharing of love and understanding with someone I respect--a Woman.

Do You have any live-in slaves? 
I have My slaves visit My home, but they leave at night. I like My slaves here for housework, cooking, errands, yardwork, maintenance, mechanic.. stuff like that. But when it's time for ME to veg out in My undies or spend time with the special woman in My life, I sure in hell don't want them lurking around with boners.  I don't feel comfortable living with men.  I want to send them home at night and have My privacy.

How are they punished? 
Privileges are taken away.  They lose time with Me, communication with ME or certain activities they enjoy more.  I find ballkicking, faceslapping, long periods of dog-cage time,  confinement or solitary very useful, as well.  Certain slaves who hate sucking dick find themselves  spending more time at the adult bookstore cruising for truck drivers or tied in the corner with a fellow sissyslave's needle dick in his mouth.  Usually, I find things they hate the most and force them to do it.  Punishing a pantysniffer with dirty hamper duty isn't effective.  I find the activities that frighten them the most and use those things as measures of punishment.  fagarina despises hotsauce penis torture, dildo training, certain types of forced feeding, and public humiliation.  he steps out of line--that's the stuff he can look forward to doing.  fagarina is too scared to step out of line--and when he does.. I make him sorry.  This goes with the rest of My slaves.

Do You adore any of them, or perhaps have a favorite?
I adore no man.  I tolerate the ones that treat Me the best, who sacrifice the greatest, who love ME the most unconditionally.  I like My favorites, My personals, like one likes a good, loyal dog.  I love how they LOVE ME.  The ones I enjoy the most, get the most time and attention spent on them and the honor of really getting to know Me as a Dominant Narcissistic Woman.

What is the type slave that interests You? 
I like the lovesick, devoted, worshipful, serve to make-PRINCESS-happy slaves.  The ones that have a true fetish for amusing, spoiling and suffering for an inherently Superior Female.  I like slaves who go the extra mile.  I prefer mental masochists more than physical masochists.  I like the ones that fork their lives over and give ME total control.  I tend to click well with humiliation slaves, ones that like that pride beaten down more than their ass.  When it comes to humiliation, I have a ball with really animated, lively performers.  Ones that give ME a big belly laugh to watch, obey Me without question, serve Me loyally and devotedly.

Can You describe what You think is Unique in Your sessions?
I'm very natural acting.  Some Mistresses get into this overdone melodramatic act when they are in session. Some Mistresses look like they are on stage.  My voice and body language don't really change--I'm a natural.  I am very creative when it comes to verbal abuse and humiliation and I enjoy humiliating men to higher degree than a lot of Women.  I also don't have a soft spot for men.  I don't care how attractive one is, how nice he is, there will be NOTHING MORE then a slave relationship between ME and these men.  I truly do not think men are equal to Me. I don't turn it on and off.

What CD/music do You find Yourself playing most often during session?
I don't play music during session.  I like to hear Myself talk.  I talk throughout the session.  Because I focus on humiliation and punishment more than sadism--My sessions are more instructional rather than a series of activities.  When I session with a man, I hope to teach him something vital--how to be a better slave to me, how to change what he is, I condition him to be what I want him to be.

What really burns You up, if it were to occur during session?
Fuckers who leer at ME in a sexual way or ask for inappropriate things.   slaves trying to direct the activities or try to snap out of "sub mode" when the session is over.  If you're going to "snap out of slave-mode" you do it when you are FAR out of MY site.  To ME, you are the same sick, weak little manturd no matter which direction your dick is pointing.

Do You have a favorite piece of furniture, or perhaps an item that You use
most often during session? 
I would have say My bathroom toilet.  My peons usually spend a lot of time with their heads in there.  Being the gracious hostess that I am, I always serve one small snack from My toilet to all male visitors.  Whether I toss a ham sandwich, a few grapes, or a couple of ritz in My commode, My piggies are always served up a little something special with MY own brand of Princess hospitality.

What do You wear during a session? 
Sometimes skirts and boots, flirty dresses, sandals or even blue jeans.  I'm not much for fetishwear--never have been.  At first I tried the leather, high-heel route, but slowly drifted from it.  I like to look beautiful and wear provocative but not risque clothing.  Fetish-driven, highheel, stocking/pantyhose guys really shouldn't bother with ME--cuz it ain't My thing. I'm all about MY comfort.  you bitches can squeeze your feet in those Dolly Parton shoes. Not ME.

Do You have no-nos? Can You tell them what NOT to bother You with?
I have so many no-nos, I haven't got time to list them...but here are some tippers:  Don't tell Me what to wear, don't try to touch Me, the only body worship I allow is knee down and I don't always allow that.  you aren't going to see boobies, I'm not going to be flashing My crotch or panties at you. The only facesitting I do is in jeans and I only do it with guys I feel like doing it with.  I don't deal with guys with heavy fetishes for clothing--unless it's something I like such as big manly boots or white socks or something.  Rubber, latex, plastic fetish? Go to see someone else.  Don't ask to be My personal slave!  If I want you as My own--you will know it. Do not come and see ME without bathing right before visiting.  men fucking STINK! They are all like fucking wet dogs--I swear I can smell a nutsack a mile away. GAG!  Bath at least  a few hours before your scheduled appointment.  Douche your ass while you're at it.

Do You have a favorite Piece of Fetish wear? 

My giant logger boots. Ooh lala.

What type clothing gifts do You prefer? 
Don't buy clothing just bring extra cash!

Do You have any gift registries online that You would like to list?
Hee!Hee!  Who Princess Sierra? Naaaah..not Me.

Here's a few:




And of course, My extensive wishlist.

Is there anything else You would like to tell these worms, Princess?
Go make yourself useful, slave.  Go make a woman laugh, bring Her some comfort, enjoyment or amusement.  There is no greater privilege for a man than serving a strong, domineering, aggressive Woman well--serving Her the way She WANTS to be served--not the way your prick wants to serve.  Until, you have served a purpose in a woman's life and given yourself completely and wholly to a Woman's whim. you have failed miserably at being both a slave and a man.