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CASE STUDY #1  Highheels vs My Trusty Man Stomper Comfy Utility Boots:
Besides turning you dumbfucks on, do highheels really have any advantage for ME?

STEP #1:  Tie leather string tightly around the penis at the end of the shaft behind the head.
STEP #2:  Drink one 16 ounce glass of water every 5 minutes for one hour.
STEP #3:  Drink one 16 ounce glass of water every 10 minutes for the second hour.
STEP #4:  Release bladder as if to urinate and check to see if the string prevents any leakage.
                If there is leakage at this point, the experiment is a failure and must be restarted.
STEP #4:  Find out how long urine can be held in this manner before leakage begins or subject panics
                and removes the string.
STEP: #5  Refill each glass with urine until all are full, then repeat steps 1 through 4.

Challenge: What's the longest period of time a man can hold this much recycled piss only by the string
                    on the end of his dick before wimping out and frantically releasing it?  Perform this
                    experiment yourself, take photographs and document it then send it to

More Test results

Sierra wants to know:
How many Q-tips will fit into a penis before it begins to bleed?
        From:           <>
        To:               <>
        Subject:          Experiments

        I managed 11 Q-tips up my penis (Jap's Eye) it did not start to bleed but the pain was
        intense and there was no more room, it still hurts know but I am proud to be a test
        subject for your experiments.

        diapered pig managed 5

How many ice cubes can a pig stickup his ass before he starts dripping?
How many splooges does it take a wanker to produce 1 cup full of jizz?

How many gulps does it take for a sissy to swallow 1 cup full of jizz?

From:  <>

Princess Perfect

i have carried out each of the three experiments in the 'Sierra Wants To Know' section, and although i haven't got a scanner to put the photos onto the computer, i do have the findings themselves.  i beg Your forgiveness for my lack of hard evidence (as well as other hard things,) and hope these findings will satisfy You.

1)  The Ice Cubes:- i only managed 4 ice cubes up my lowly pig-ass before they would start dripping.  i repeated it a few times to get a better number, but each time they'd start dripping no matter how hard and far i tried to shove them in.  The cold and the shoving really combined to make that experiment more painful than i'd thought it would be.  (But then i guess that's why pigs like me are destined to be the guineapigs in these tests; compared to You i couldn't think may way out of a playpen.)

2)  Using a fairly average-sized cup took me 27 'splooges' to fill, but i don't know if that's because i'm a pathetic wanker when it comes to tossing off the cerebral fluid, or if the cup was just large.  In between each 'deposit' into the cup i kept it in the fridge to prevent air-contamination affecting the experiment.  (The food in there reeked afterwards as well.)

3)  This was the part i had the hardest job doing.  i love being forced to do stuff purely because it amuses my Princess, but drinking cum was something i wasn't entirely prepared for.  Still, Your orders were specific, so like a wimpy little sissy i took my first gulp of jizz.  No wonder we of the stupider sex are inferior!  Our bodily emissions are disgusting, and will never hold a light to the joy that would be felt from drinking any of the Divine Fluid of You or any of Womankind.  In the end i got the whole thing down in 6 gulps.  i can still taste the jizz when i think about it, and it reminds me of the power You have to be able to humiliate me so much even when not directly giving the commands.

i am so pleased to have been a guineapig for one of Your Experiments, and would gladly take part in any other test You order me to conduct.  i wish i was a guineapig, however.  Then i could live a life of slavery as Your pet, kept caged and forced to tread a wheel to keep You amused.  And if You ever became bored, i would be just the right size to torture and toy with until the time came to discard me.

Please make me do another experiment Princess Perfect, Please.  i beg more than for anything else to be used in the only productive way i can be, as a test subject for You.

Thank-You for letting me be a guineapig for You Princess Perfect,

      Another Study on the question:
      How many Q-tips will fit into a penis before it begins to bleed?
Subject:     Documentation: Results of Experiment
Date:         Tue, 30 Jan 2001 02:50:07 -0800
From:        "Deja User" <>

Princess Sierra wants to know: How many Q-tips will fit into a penis
before it begins to bleed?

Standard double-ended Q-tip brand cotton swabs.
K-Y Jelly lubricant.

Fifty-year old male with an unusually small penis. Penis measures only
two inches when flaccid and not quite four inches when erect. Test
subject has never had anything inserted into his penis before and was
quite nervous about his participation in this experiment.

The experiment was a failure since bleeding did not occur. The test
subject experienced excruciating pain during all attempts to insert
the fifth Q-tip into his penis. The severity of the pain -- coupled
with an apparent lack of room to insert any more than four Q-tips
(possibly due to the small size of the test subject's penis) --
resulted in the experiment being abandoned. Test subject will need to
repeat this experiment at a future time in an attempt to provide
better results to Princess Sierra.

Each Q-tip was lightly lubricated with K-Y Jelly and then inserted
gently into the penis until it could not be pushed further with
reasonably firm force. The first Q-tip was inserted to within
one-quarter inch of the cotton portion on the opposite end of the
swab. Additional Q-tips were inserted until the tip of the cotton swab
came into contact with the back side of the previously-inserted
Q-tip's cotton section.

After four Q-tips had been inserted, there appeared to be no more room
to insert more. An attempt was then made to forcefully push the
already-inserted Q-tips further into the penis so that the cotton
portions would overlap to some degree, stretching open the passageway
to allow more Q-tips to be inserted. This attempt caused considerable
distress to the test subject, but did not result in making enough room
available to insert more Q-tips.

At this point, the test subject was crying in pain and was sure that
profuse internal bleeding had been achieved, even though no external
blood flow could be observed. Test subject called a halt to the
experiment (between sobs) at this point.

It took about twenty minutes for the test subject to get up the
courage to remove the Q-tips. The removal process was extremely
painful and each Q-tip was extracted slowly. Test subject was very
surprised and disappointed to find that there was no evidence of blood
flow as the last Q-tip came out. This meant that the experiment was a
failure and all of the pain that he had endured was for nothing.

Thirty minutes later, the test subject felt a strong urge to urinate,
but it was just too painful. An hour later, he really had to go. Each
time he started to pee, it felt like a hot poker was burning him from
the inside out and he stopped peeing before he even started. After
about fifteen minutes of false starting, he finally was able to
urinate a small amount -- maybe about three or four ounces.

For the next 24 hours, urination was extremely painful with at least
one -- but more often two or more -- false starts resulting in an
intense, sharp, burning pain occurring before a steady flow could be
established. The test subject found himself dreading the prospect of
attempting to pee and put it off as long as possible each time. He
also experienced a dull, throbbing pain from within his penis
throughout the rest of the day with incidents of very sharp pains as
it naturally shifted under his clothing and occasionally became erect.

Over the next 48 to 72 hours the discomfort very gradually decreased
until he was finally able to urinate without the false starts -- and
only mild pain -- after 72 hours had passed. By the time 96 hours
(four days) had passed, the pain and discomfort was negligible.

At about the 48-hour point, the test subject's wife initiated
intercourse with him. (She did not know about this experiment and
certainly would not approve of it!) He had difficulty in getting an
erection, due to the pain, but she persevered and "helped" him out
through extended (and very painful) manual manipulation of his penis.
He had no choice but to hide his pain and enjoy what was to happen as
much as possible. When he finally had his orgasm inside of her, he
moaned loudly with each contraction of his penis. (She seemed to
figure that he was just being unusually passionate!)

Since the experiment was a failure (due to the fact that the question
posed in the original objective was not met) only limited conclusions
based on previous publicly-published results (eleven Q-tips inserted
without causing bleeding but causing intense pain) of the same
experiment can be made:

1. The number of Q-tips which can be inserted into a penis might
   possibly be limited by the size of the penis.
2. An incredible amount of pain may be required to be endured to
   cause it to begin to bleed.
3. This particular test subject is a wimpy sissy who can't take much
   pain in his little "icky" penis.
4. This particular test subject is very grateful to be given this
   opportunity to be a guinea pig for Princess Perfect.

Respectfully submitted,
xxx in south florida

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