MORE GALLERIES, Photos and Videos!



Misery loves company, and a Princess never has to rag alone. (includes voice wav file!)
Choking & Smothering!
Performed with MY very own manHandling Hands.
Reconditionting the male pig.
Princess tortures sub in the tub.
DogDays 1
Princess thows the dog a bone.

DogDays 2
Of course I take my dog out to potty in broad daylight.

man furniture
Ashtray & ShowerTraining
Multi-PurposeToothbrush Training
Sloppin' the pig
See, men can be useful if properly trained.
Behold--the human garbage disposal.
Sierra Kicks Ass!
Little pigslob male gets caught pissing in an alley.
PRINCESS MEETS The Three Little Piggies
Breakfast of Champions.
Look!  I have a bowl just for you!
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